About the project

The Foosgear Foosball Trading cards project is a trading and collecting card game. 

The full set is made of 125 cards. Each card is numbered 1 to 100. There are two different versions of 1 to 25 cards - Gold Holographic and regular. 

Each pack consists of 10 cards:

  • One Epic or Legendary (holo) card - one out of 3 packs is a Legendary card
  • Two Rare Cards
  • Three Uncommon Cards
  • Four Common Cards.


There is only 55 of each 1st Edition Holographic card made, of which 45 is in the booster packs. 5 of each card went to the player on the card, we are keeping one for our personal set, one is going for upcoming Auction for Foosball Clubs USA, and three that we don't know what we'll do with yet.

There is 105 of each 1st Edition Epic card made, of which 90 are in circulation. 10 of each card went to the player on the card.

Each Holographic Card has a non replicable holographic sticker with a QR code on the back of the card. After scanning this code, you will see Certificate of Authenticity.

The deciding factors of who made the card was:

Master in Doubles or Singles points, men or women as of before Tornado Worlds 2021. The rest of the spots were filled with most legendary and influential players in the game, based on votes by many most influential players in the game.  

The cards are numbered as follows:



Odds of finding each card in a pack: 

  • A specific player Common card 1 in 6.3 packs
  • A specific player Uncommon card 1 in 8.3 packs
  • A specific player Rare card 1 in 12.5 packs
  • A specific player Epic card 1 in 37.5 packs
  • A specific player Legendary card 1 in 75 packs