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What's up Foos Fam! I had a great time at nationals giving 1 on 1 lessons with many Foosers, and I want to keep this experience going for Ohio State coming up Aug 1st. Worlds is just around the corner, so this could be a great tool to help not only at Ohio State, but give you the best chance of winning at Worlds. By purchasing this Ohio State Lesson, you and I will be able to attack the most critical changes needed in your game. We can hyper focus on a few categories, or do a shotgun approach and attack as much a possible in the 1 hour!

We can schedule these lessons in the morning before the room opens, right when the room opens, or anytime both you and I are free during the day. After you purchase, I will contact you to schedule a time and day to make it happen. Only 10 are available, so grab one while you can!

Please note, you can choose to purchase "Twice the Difference" or "The Game Changer", and incorporate 1 lesson at Ohio State in Person.

Purchasing "Ohio State Lessons" will give you 10x entry for a chance to win a $500 sponsorship towards your trip and play with me in Open Doubles and Handicapped Doubles at Florida State Sep 26th - 29th, 2024! We will strategize before we go and do our best to take down the title! Winner awarded live on August 25th, 2024, and is nontransferable, but if you're not able to make that tournament, we will work out a future tournament to apply this to.

2 BAR SHOOTING - Need a better 2 bar? I got ya covered. I'll teach you how to read any zone and how to hit every hole on the table. There is always a hole from goalie and knowing how and when to hit them is the magic sauce. A deadly 2 bar can turn the tides in any singles or doubles match. Make your opponents uneasy by becoming a force to be recon with in the back.

GOALIE DEFENSIVE STRATEGY - I can not only help you understand what, why, and when people like to shoot, but can also help you understand your actions that lead to their decisions. Mr. Miyagi style! Learn how to get the upper hand in any match by blocking consistently.

5 BAR OFFENSE and DEFENSE - Timing is everything, and it's never truer than 5 bar offense. With such a short distance between men on the rod, passing can be very difficult to time, disguise, and read. Let me give you an inside view of what the top players do to overcome this tricky rod. Same is vice versa with defense, there are a ton of men on this rod to block a pass, so it should be easy, right? Nope! Let me help you understand the psychology of 5 bar offense, which will allow you to unlock the knowledge to combat it defensively.

3 BAR SHOOTING - The 3 bar has to be on point in order to win consistently. Fun fact. Did you know if you score 60% of the time, that is considered a good statistic?! Shooting can be difficult at times and it's important to understand why some players throw up a brick wall. Everyone has an algorithm, and if you understand yours, you can understand why someone may be blocking you. Let me help you understand the mentality of shooting so you can add a new level to your thinking. Need to learn a new shot or how to make yours faster? I got you covered with anything you need, except a push shot, which I'll call Sully to cover that! JK

ZONE STRATEGY - Don't be like most of my opponents and let people win from the 2 bar! Learn a solid zone and how to utilize it properly to limit goals from the 2 bar. As I mentioned before, there is always a hole in any zone, with understanding which holes are there and what the opponent can do, I can teach you a strategy to contain the best 2 bars in the world.

Let's see if we can take your game to the next level. It may not happen overnight, but having the correct tools will pay your future game dividends! Let's Foos!!